Industrial humidifiers

Industrial Humidifiers by atomization

Adiabatic humidification systems using spray nozzles, with water and compressed air or high pressure water. High energy efficiency and low operating costs.

Industrial evaporative humidifiers

Evaporative humidifier systems type desktop or console. Maximum autonomy, only require power outlet.

Centrifugal industrial humidifiers

Direct spraying to the environment, inside the air distribution duct or inside the air treatment plants.

Industrial electrode steam humidifiers

Humidifiers self-producing steam using stainless steel electrodes immersed in a plastic cylinder.

Industrial ultrasonic humidifiers

The efficiency of aerosols. Adiabatic humidifier, which atomizes water by ultrasound. Low consumption and minimum maintenance. Prevents condensation; health guarantee. Humidifies directly in room or environment. Used inside ducts or air conditioners.