Our products


Pantone guides (paper pantonera and textile pantonera), densitometers, papyrometers and scales, digital and analog micrometers, pH meters and conductivity meters, microscopes, etc. ATTENTION! Infrared Thermometer Front Measurement.

Light tables and control desks

Standard light tables, control desks, color comparison systems -Copy Holders-, light panels, assembly tables, iron control desks, etc.

File systems

Archive of plans, photolithographs, proofs, originals, plates, DVD, etc. Planer and metal or wood drawer filing cabinets; vertical, horizontal and pendant.

Waste treatment

Vacuum evaporators for industrial water treatment. Distillers to recover solvents. Parts washing machine with solvents.

Machinery and other devices

Mixers, Pneumatic Agitator and Ink Dispenser, Paper Stack Turner, Box Filler Manufacturing, Barcode Reader, Tri-Creaser, etc.

Safety and labor protection

Safety cabinets, fireproof cabinets, ergonomic anti-fatigue mats, retention buckets, containment barriers -spills-, etc.

Parts, consumables and cleaning

Graphic Arts: Flat and rotary machine. Applications: Offset, Flexo And Serigraphy. Scrapers or scrapers, brushes, cleaning product, etc.

Handled offset and digital printing

Paper shears and guillotines -IDEAL-, manual and automatic shrink-wrapping machines, pallet shrink-wrappers and other handling devices for industry in general.