Pantone Color Guides

Pantone Plus Series and Textile Guides, Ral Guides, Four Color Directory, Pantone Plastics, Pantone Capsure, screen calibration, ColorChecker, Pantone Skin Tone Guide, etc.

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Scales and papyrometers

Black and white densitometers, color densitometers and densitometers for offset plates.

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Scales for weighing inks, scales
pantone formula, papyrometers, etc.

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PH Meters, conductivity meters, breathalyzers and thermo-hygrometers

Measurement of pH, conductivity, level of
alcohol, relative humidity etc.

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Analog and digital micrometers

Analog and digital micrometers, measuring tables, etc.

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Microscopes with light, thread counters, contact magnifiers and magnifiers with light

Lighted and portable microscopes. Magnifying glasses
peak contact. thread counters Magnifying glasses
desktop with light

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Portable hardness testers to measure Shore A, B and C hardness.

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Surface tension measurement

Markers for measuring the surface tension of inks and liquids in general.

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Flexographic printing tests.
Sticks/Ink Extension Rods.

Ink tests for Flexographic Printing, color comparison, samples, R&D, etc.
Very precise coating applicator bars at a minimum cost

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Spectrophotometers and Colorimeters

instruments for the measurement, adjustment and comparison of color in industry. Portable digital spectrophotometers and colorimeters

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Precision portable gloss meters

Professional gloss measurement. High precision, easy reading and handling, portable and ergonomic.

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Scanner maintenance:

Products for cleaning and maintenance
of scanners.

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