Precision portable gloss meters

Portable precision instruments for measuring the gloss of surfaces, commonly used in the graphic arts industry, industrial design, decoration, automotive, electronics, furniture, etc. These industries require the professional measurement of gloss in plastic, ceramics, marble, galvanized, leather and coatings in general, inks, paper, cardboard and other materials used in endless applications, from coated paper to a mobile phone, an electrical appliance or a car

A portable equipment, easy to use and maximum precision

ByK micro-gloss gloss meter

Accurate gloss measurement for quality control of all types of products. Everything in a single device: ease of use, ergonomics, portability and the extensive functionality that today’s industry demands.
Smart-Chart software enables clear, efficient and professional communication between departments; with suppliers or customers. Its statistical module is not limited to giving the average of measurements. It also provides the necessary statistical data to judge whether the difference in measurements is significant or the degree of uniformity in terms of brightness of the analyzed surface (standard deviation, minimum and maximum values, etc.).
The glossmeter fits perfectly with the calibration bracket, which guarantees the reliability of the calibration. The self-diagnosis that has been implemented guarantees the reliability and stability of the measurement in the long term, indicating when a new calibration must be carried out. Certification according to the requirements of international organizations


Wide variety of models, to meet all needs ( In [+] Info. you will find the specifications of each model )

  • micro-gloss: single angle gloss meter for specific applications
  • micro-TRI-gloss: Tri-angle glossmeter – see the gloss change at the right angle
  • micro-TRI-gloss µ: Measure gloss and thickness simultaneously with a single instrument
  • !Novelty! micro-gloss S: Gloss meters for the most demanding specifications – ensures the harmony of automotive interior parts
  • Novelty! micro-gloss XS: The smallest for analyzing small samples.

The first full touch screen gloss meter

NHG Series Touch Screen Glossmeter

The world’s first full touch screen brightness meter. Using the GQC6 PC software, its maximum level of operability is reached. Its great stability and high-precision measurement make it an indispensable tool for the quality control professional who requires the gloss parameter. Manufactured according to the International ISO2813 standard.

– Color capacitive touch screen, the first to introduce full touch screen

– Simultaneous display of multiple measurement data sets, ideal for comparison

– PC software has powerful extended functions.


  • 3.5 inch high resolution 480*320 large touch screen
  • Complies with ISO 2813, ASTM 0523, GB/T 9754, ASTM D2457
  • Great stability and precision
  • Clear display of results. Modern and compact design, pleasant to use and intuitive to operate.
  • One button for all measurement angles
  • Display 5 groups of measurement results on screen for easy comparison
  • Basic measurement, statistical measurement, continuous measurement for different requirements
  • Built-in long life rechargeable lithium battery
  • Greater functionality with PC software when connected to the computer.
  • Enter the brightness value manually, convenient to use
  • Large storage capacity. Allows to store more than 5000 data