File systems

Filing cabinets

Filing cabinets

Vertical and horizontal filing cabinet with drawers. For plans, photolithographs and other documents. In wood and metal.

Flat horizontal cabinet | Vertical plane -hanging-

Eurofile Hanging Filing Systems

Archive of photolithographs, color tests, originals, plates, plans, etc. A secure system that provides fast retrieval of the archived document.

Digifile Hanging File Systems

For archiving CDROMs and DVDs

Paper roll holder

To store and transport rolls of paper, kraf, film or any other material, safely and taking up minimal space.

Transport Carts

Safe transportation of Offset Plates and Silkscreen Screens.

Rubber washer winder and cutter

Electric system for cutting and winding rubber lava cloth fragments from the original reel. Adaptable in width.


Graphic arts and graphic design companies, professional engineering, architecture and design studios and all types of offices that file documents that exceed or not the conventional A4 format.

Graphic arts, printing presses and graphic design studios: photolithograph files -films-, color proofs, originals, cromalines, offset plates, flexo clichés, packaging samples and proofs, digital media in CD and/or DVD format, illustrations, macromontages , etc…

Architecture, engineering, interior decoration and others: planners for filing plans and sketches. Archive of CD-ROM’s and DVD’s.

Offices and industry of all kinds: archive of documents of special size, CD-ROM’s and DVD’s.

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Plane furniture

Wood and metal furniture for archiving plans, photolithographs, and sketches.

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Treatment of industrial wastewater by vacuum evaporation

Eurofile file system

For the file of photoliths, color tests, originals, plates, etc.
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Treatment of industrial wastewater by vacuum evaporation

Cabinet CDs-DVDs-CDRs

Eurofile systems for the archiving of photoliths, color tests, originals, plates, etc.