Paper roll holder

Innovative system for loading, unloading, identifying and transporting paper and film reels. A compact, light, robust and safe coil transport system.

Vertical coil holders

Stock & Roll vertical reel stand with wheels

Stock&Roll is a simple and innovative concept, conceived to optimize the storage and handling of your reels. Accepts 6 coils with 2″ or 3″ (50,8mm or 76,2mm) mandrels
Secure top hook system. Lower spool hook pivot. Designed for 2″ and 5″ chucks

Stock & Wall Hanging Vertical Spool Holder

The Stock & Wall is the wall version of the Stock & Roll. Once fixed to the wall, our product allows easy and clean storage of your coils. Optimize your workspace. It is the ideal complement to your Stock & Roll.
Secure top hook system. Lower spool hook pivot. Designed for 2″ and 5″ chucks.

Horizontal reel stand

The Buddy Roll is an innovative concept for the storage and movement of the largest reels, from 2m to 5m.

Accepted credit cards

Order micrometers

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Thermocolorimeters for ambient lighting measurement


Color temperature meter, degrees Kelvin and Lux.
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Industrial wastewater treatment by vacuum evaporation


Treatment and separation of wastewater by vacuum evaporation.
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Pantone guides, Home Textile, goel, RAL, etc.

Pantone guides

Guides for color selection and control. GOE guides, Home Textile, RAL, etc.
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Filing cabinet/ planers

Wood and metal furniture for archiving photolithographs, plans and sketches.

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