The Sekonic SpectroMaster C-700 is designed for still and moving image shooters who need to produce quality results with the right color and working with a variety of light source types and brands.

A full spectrum color meter like the C-700 can accurately measure under LEDs, HMIs, fluorescent sources, newer plasma lamps, tungsten lamps, natural light and electronic flash.

Its high-resolution measurement system, using a CMOS sensor, captures and displays the peaks of the light source to provide unmatched accuracy in color measurement.

In addition, its linear CMOS sensor allows measurement in increments of 1 (nm).

It features a large touch screen navigation. Displays light source information and an expandable spectral graph for closer inspection, CRI (Ra plus R1 to R15), Kelvin (correlated color temperature), illuminance (footcandle or Lux), and light filter values in Mired, CC index as well as filter correction values for most light source brands and filter lenses on the market.

Its “Multi Lights” screen allows the quick comparison of values of up to four light sources indicating their complete data. Everything is activated by touch.

Its “Multi Spectrum” mode allows graphics from three sources to be displayed for quick and agile visual comparison.

Unlike other spectrometers on the market, the C-700 spectrometer not only has more ways to view and compare light source information, but also provides filter information to correct and modify light color, for cleaner recording and simplified post processing

The C-700 is the only spectrometer that allows wireless activation and measurement of electronic flash units.

Includes wireless flash.

Wide measurement range
* Correlated color temperature
(1600 to 40,000K )
* Illuminance
(1 to 200,000lx )