Industrial evaporators for waste treatment

Zoom: Diagram of the water treatment process by vacuum evaporation

Industrial evaporators by vacuum evaporation

Effectively and definitively minimize the amount of waste to be managed, concentrating the polluting solid as much as possible and reusing the treated water once distilled.




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Vacuum evaporator without load

For the treatment of wastewater and specialized in processes such as :

-Laminating/water with traces of acrylic varnish
– Treatment of water from plate cleaning
– Treatment of water with traces of ink (Screen printing · Flexography)
– Rubber cleaning buckets (not solvents)
– Water-alcohol / dampening system
– Plate developers
– Gluers
– Others…

ES-Dry treatment unit. Vacuum evaporation with heat pump technologyTECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

– Wastewater treatment unit
– Low energy consumption
– Virtually zero maintenance.
– Reduced size, minimum occupied surface.
– Possibility of using the evaporated water for various uses.

Industrial DRY water evaporators:
It completely dries the solid residue resulting from the separation of the water.
VNT Industrial Water Evaporators:
Fully automated process.

INDUSTRIAL DRY EVAPORATOR: 150, 250, 350, 500 or 1000 Ltrs./24 hrs.
VNT INDUSTRIAL EVAPORATOR (vertical): 100, 250, 350, 500 or 1000 Ltrs./24 hrs.

VNT evaporatorControlgraf’s industrial evaporators can include an Ozone Generator at the outlet, ensuring compliance with current parameters regarding discharge limits to the public network. Consult the possibility of having a wastewater treatment unit on trial to check the results obtained.

VNT evaporator in the ABC newspaper

The first Spanish newspaper to use vacuum evaporation technology to treat and recycle the water generated by its presses and workshops.
ABC: Water treated by vacuum evaporation >>>

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