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Solvent Distiller
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Systems for the recovery and reuse of contaminated solvents when used in washing and degreasing work in various industrial processes.

Thanks to a simple distillation process , the contaminating product – resins, pigments, paints, inks, oils , etc. – is separated from the original solvent, which is collected in a container for later reuse.

At the end of the cycle, the polluting product remains at the bottom of the kettle, which is easily discharged by turning the appliance.

The characteristics of the treated solvent are not altered by this process, which can thus be repeated indefinitely .

The Controlgraf family of solvent stills includes devices of various capacities.

CAPACITIES: 7 – 15 – 30 – 60 – 120 – 160 liters .

In the case of liquid contaminants, the residues of the distillation process are removed by rotating the distillation apparatus. Solid contaminants are used in “Rec-Bag” bags that prevent operator manipulation , protecting their safety .

All solvent stills can be equipped with an optional vacuum group , recommended for solvents with very high boiling temperature or for flammable solvents with boiling point close to the self-ignition point. The vacuum can be supplied by compressed air or by means of an electric pump, depending on the customer’s requirements.

Applications in OFFSET systems incorporate a
static separator to separate the water .

In the case of FLEXO it is not necessary , as it does not have to separate water.

Contaminated solvent load.1.- Solvent load.Adjustment of temperature and distillation time.2.- Distillation settings

Fully automatic distillation process.

3.- Distilled process.

Fully automatic distillation process.
4.- Waste discharge.

5.- Solvent discharge.

1.- Loading of the contaminated solvent.
2.- Adjustment of temperature and distillation time.
3.- Fully automatic distillation process.
4.- Discharge of the bag with the concentrated waste.
5.- Discharge by turning the machine of the clean solvent,
for later reuse.

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