Digifile file systems:

Digifile file systems for CDROM, DVD (accessories)


Transparent sleeve for CD without box, with hooking system


Transparent CD sleeve with box and hook system
Can be opened without removing the case from the case

Case for 4 CD's

Digifile file systems for CDROM, DVD (media)

Wall hanging system: (one rail)

– 65 sleeves with box or
– 360 sleeves without box (approx.)

Trolley with wheels:

SIZE: 810x330x330mm
– 160 covers with box or
– 880 sleeves without box (approx.)

Wall hanging system: (four rails)

SIZE: 800x1000x115mm
– 260 covers with box or
– 1440 sleeves without box (approx.)

€750 + VAT
Shipping included

Steel cabinet for CD's and DVD's

A secure and large-capacity archive.
1,800 x 800 x 380mm
+/- 4,000 covers (without box)
+/- 800 covers (with box)

Eurofile Graphic-Line:
Filing systems for all kinds of elements for graphic arts companies, professional engineering and architecture studios and offices in general.

Eurofile Grafic-Line is a line of components that optimize the archive and facilitate the quick search of archived articles.

Eurofile Grafic-Line is a filing solution that can be applied to any sector of industry and services.

– Graphic Arts: printers and graphic design studios: archive of photolithographs, plates, color tests, originals, flexo plates, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.

– Architecture, engineering, interior decoration and others: for archiving plans and sketches

– All types of companies: archive of documents of special sizes, archive of CD’s and DVD’s.

Eurofile Grafic-Line comes in various forms to meet the needs of space and placement of the file.- hanging system and rack with/without wheels-.

Eurofile Grafic-Line Presents bags in 7 different sizes. Custom sizes can also be made on request.

Eurofile Grafic-Line has resources and accessories for an agile and systematic administration and use of the file. It has all the necessary components for filing: Grafic-Bags, hook -“clip”-, the Euro Tab -labels-, Euro Tab Display -label dispenser- and the Euro Sign.

Eurofile Grafic-Line is compatible with other file systems.

Euro Tab : Self-adhesive labels for systematic file management.

Euro Tab Display : Special Euro Tab’s dispenser. To quickly and easily have the Euro Tab needed at any time.

Euro Sign self-adhesive blue easels to mark the Bags clearly.

Eurofile Grafic-Bags are pH neutral cardboard bags . The inside of these folders is provided with a protective white layer that makes it easy to insert and remove the film, plate or blueprint without damaging it.

Eurofile Grafic-Bags are made of a material that is highly resistant to tearing and bending -undeformable-.

Eurofile Grafic-Bags They have a Suspension Profile -“clip”- fixed to the bag with the help of pre-drilled holes, in such a way that there is no possibility of tearing. The Clip has a double reinforcement with arches on the edges to avoid injuries.

Eurofile Grafic-Bags has seven bag sizes. Custom bags can be requested, on demand.

Eurofile Grafic-Bags have a high load capacity, with a minimum of 7 kg per bag and a long useful life.
The hook is compatible with other filing systems and guarantees you safety thanks to the 5-year warranty period against tearing and bending.

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Thermocolorimeters for ambient lighting measurement


Color temperature meter, degrees Kelvin and Lux.
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Industrial wastewater treatment by vacuum evaporation


Treatment and separation of wastewater by vacuum evaporation.
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Pantone guides, Home Textile, goel, RAL, etc.

Pantone guides

Guides for color selection and control. GOE guides, Home Textile, RAL, etc.
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Filing cabinet/ planers

Wood and metal furniture for archiving photolithographs, plans and sketches.

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