Centrifugal Industrial Humidifiers

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UPL FLY Centrifuge

UcV Centrifugal Humidifier

UcV Centrifugal Humidifier

Pocket Portable Multiparameter Tester With rechargeable sensor!

Evaporative humidifiers, desktop or console type, autonomous operation.

They do not project calcareous particles, they do not require installation, only an outlet.

The B250 and PCMH45 models operate on the principle of cold evaporation. Air is taken through a special filter to provide additional cleaning. The air then passes through the humid filter rotary disc whose special porous structure provides a large evaporation surface. Here the air absorbs the required level of humidity. Subsequently, the humidified air is evenly driven to the ambient air, without condensation.

  • Fully electronic control
  • No installation required, only: portable (wheels) or fixed
  • Economical operation, minimum consumption
  • Suitable for stays of 80-100m2
  • High evaporation capacity
  • They use normal mains water -large water tank-
  • Possibility of automatic water feeding
  • Does not produce lime deposits on the furniture or objects of the premises

Most common applications
Offices, music rooms, bookstores, museums, art rooms, warehouses, computer rooms, telephone exchanges, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

Centrifuge HI707

UcV Centrifugal Humidifier

CEZIO Centrifuge

Centrifuge NEB6500

Ph Centrifugal

Centrifugal Humidifiers:

Robust and easy-to-maintain centrifugal industrial humidifiers. Simple installation, a power outlet and a connection to the water network or a tank are enough.

Suitable for chemical disinfection and deodorization. Drop-free as the centrifugal spray provides a mist that is quickly absorbed by the environment. Low power consumption.

The NEB6500 model with anti-icing device can work up to -2ºC.

Most common applications
Laboratories, conservation chambers, farms, mushroom and flower cultivation, printing presses, foot and textile industry, etc.