Evaporative Industrial Humidifiers

Evaporative humidifiers vaporize water, not pulverized or atomized, so that water droplets are not concentrated in the air.

The humidifiers we present are portable. They can be easily moved to serve several areas with the only condition that they have an electrical outlet. They do not require installation, only connect them to the network. The product range includes desktop or console modes. In the latter modality, fixed or wheeled humidifiers are available.

Commonly used in offices, music rooms, bookstores, museums, art rooms, warehouses, computer rooms, telephone exchanges, laboratories, hospitals, etc.

They have been designed to avoid as much as possible the projection of calcareous particles that can be deposited and even damage the merchandise, machinery, furniture or objects that occupy the premises.


Humidification capacity
0,95 l/h at 25 º C- 20% HRDepositor capacity 11 LCaudal air 130 m³/hNoy level 34 dB ( A )Power absorbed 25 W

Humidifier B120

The B 12 is an evaporative humidifier suitable for rooms with volumes close to 120 m3. The water is vaporized, not pulverized or atomized, so that no water is concentrated in the air. The device retains lime, minerals and dust so that they are not thrown into the air.

The use of the humidifier is particularly recommended during heating periods. Cold air absorbs less moisture than hot air. When cold air is heated, the relative humidity drops. Values between 45% and 55% are considered comfortable. Too dry air can affect the airways and can cause throat or nose problems.

The amount of vaporized water is automatically adjusted in relation to the relative humidity of the room. If the humidity level is low, a large amount of water is vaporized. As the humidity level increases the amount of vaporized water decreases.

For best results, the humidifier should stay connected 24 hours a day.


Humidification capacity

1.2 l/h at 23 º C- 45% RH

Tank capacity

25 L

Air flow

300/500 m³/h

Noise level

30-40 dB(A)

Absorbed power

50 W


Humidification capacity

1.88 l/h at 21ºC – 30%RH

Tank capacity

30 L

Air flow

500 m3/h

Noise level

36/43/47 dBA

Absorbed power

Cold evaporation. Humidifiers B250 and PCMH45

In the B250 and PCMH45 models the incoming air is subjected to the action of a special filter for additional cleaning. The air then passes through the humid filter rotary disc equipped with a special porous structure provides a large evaporation surface, allowing the air to absorb the required level of moisture. Already humidified air can now be evacuated to the ambient air evenly and without condensation.

● Fully electronic control
● No installation required; plug in and ready to use
● Minimum consumption
● Suitable for stays of 80-100m2
● High evaporation capacity
● Consumes normal mains water -large water tank-
● Possibility of automatic water feeding
● Does not produce lime deposits on the furniture or objects of the premises