Industrial Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Operation of an ultrasonic humidifier:

It consists of taking advantage of the efficiency of aerosols to regulate the level of humidity in the environment through ultrasonic vibrations in small water aerosols (particles of 1 μ).

An ultrasonic humidifier brings many benefits:

Low consumption, minimum maintenance, non-condensing for maximum health guarantee. Humidifies directly in room or environment. Used inside ducts or air conditioners.

View of Forte Uktrasonic Humidifier

Forte Ultrasonic Humidifier

Easy integration into ventilation and air conditioning systems. Take advantage of aerosol efficiency to enjoy the ideal weather conditions for your business. Maximum hygiene thanks to ultrasound!

It works with ultrasound that humidifies the air with 1μ aerosol. To generate 1 kg of humidity only 52 W / h of energy is used.

Compared to isothermal systems (e.g. steam humidifiers), energy savings of up to 93% are achieved.


– Maximum performance with low power consumption: up to 93% energy savings compared to steam humidification

– The highest standards of hygiene.

– 100% humidity in just a few seconds

– Adjustment throughout the range, from 0% to 100%

– Integrable into existing air conditioning solutions

– Can be used as a standalone solution

– Non-condensing

Industrial sectors and fields of application

– electrical industry and EDP rooms

– clean room technology and laboratories,

– hospitals

– printing presses

– dairies

– museums and commercial buildings

– leather and textile industry.

Principle of operation
The water is atomized by ultrasonic vibrations of 1.7 MHz in 1μ aerosols. that by means of existing ventilation or air conditioning systems are released into the environment.

Aerosol mist (cold steam) mixes with the ambient air, evaporates completely and is distributed in the room absolutely evenly.


– Stainless steel without corrosion V2A

– Dry operation, thermal and overflow protection.

– Ceramic piezoelectric material oscillator.

– Network filter for protection against voltage peaks.

– AquaDrain® Hygiene Management Program

– Contra-Keim disinfection program®

capacity Kg/h
Capacity VAVoltage V/HzWeight kgLength mmHeight mmDepth mm
FORTE 63,618548V/50Hz6285202261
FORTE 127,237548V/50Hz7,7435202261
FORTE 1811,855548V/50Hz9,5585202261
FORTE 2414,473548V/50Hz11,7735202261

Application Examples

Installed in air conditioning equipment and inserted inside an air system

View of a humidifier installed in an air conditioning equipment and several modules installed in front of an air system

Uktrasonic CX Humidifier View without load

Ultrasonic Humidifier CX

CX ultrasonic humidifiers are characterized by having a robust metal structure, all/nothing or proportional control, with instant production, integrated control display, built-in fan for direct application to the environment and includes a humidity probe and water filter.

Industrial sectors and fields of application

– Wineries.
– Cold rooms.
– Fresh product counters.
– Air ducts.
– Air conditioners.
– Climatic chambers, etc.



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