Industrial Humidifiers by Atomization

Ring of humidifier nozzles in module suspended from the ceiling

Insulated humidifier nozzle. Perfect for wetting the smallest spaces

Wetting bar, with 5 nozzles, Suitable for a wide range of humidification applications

Ring of nozzles to suspend from the ceiling, with nine or six nozzles. Optional ventilation module.

70 bar high pressure pump

Humidifiers by high pressure spraying

Humidification by high pressure atomization by means of nozzle rings arranged in circular modules suspended from the ceiling. Very suitable for keeping humidity constant and adequate in the graphic industry.

A high-pressure central unit (70 bar pump) feeds the different wetting modules distributed throughout the industrial building, generating a fine atomization.

High Pressure technology guarantees constant and uniform wetting, reduces the operating and maintenance costs of your facilities.

Hygiene is maximum; the non-use of biocides does not affect the health of the operators working in the room. It needs virtually no maintenance and can be installed without interrupting the production chain.

Benefits for your company:

• Improves the atmosphere of the room
• Reduction of occupational pathologies
• Reduces suspended dust by 80%
• Greater stability of materials
• Paper with smooth edges
• Less cleaning work
• Less paper blocking
• Reduction of electrostatic charge
• Increased production speed
• Constant quality improvement

Advantages of the system:

• System adapted to each need
• Easy installation
• Minimum maintenance cost
• Variable humidification system,
with independent control by rooms
• High levels of hygienic quality
• Possibility of integrated remote control
• Minimum operating costs
• Atomization without condensation or drips

Each application has a different solution with one or more types of atomizers. A correct arrangement in the industrial warehouse ensures an even distribution of moisture throughout the enclosure. We design each system to suit you.

Humidifier modules of all types seen in a ship

Industrial Humidifiers by Atomization

Industrial Humidifier. Base team

Humidifiers by spraying water at high pressure:

Adiabatic humidification system by means of spray nozzles with high pressure water. Maximum energy efficiency, minimum operating costs and low investment cost.

An efficient and silent 70bar high-pressure pump produces a very fine mist that evaporates quickly into the air, while cooling and wetting it.

The incorporation of a timer, integrated in high pressure pumps, allows better performance and significant savings in water consumption.

There are several models of high pressure pumps:

• Working pressure of 70 bar
• Pressure regulation valve
• Solenoid valves for charging and discharging water
• Very quiet motor (60 dBA) and low power consumption
• Integrated digital timer
• Regulates from 4 to 75 nozzles

• Very resistant to corrosive environments and oxidation
thanks to its ceramic protection and nickel head.

• Components of the highest quality and high performance (up to 12 Liters / minute). GM-FOG pump

• Outer cover in stainless steel.
High wetting capacity: up to 21 liters/minute.

Technical data

Technical Data Humidifiers by atomization water at high pressure:

Humidifiers by atomization air/water in funconamiento

Stainless steel nozzles. Low maintenance - works with mains or demineralized water.
Control panel: regulates the operation of the nozzles by means of a standard signal (0-10V)

Air/water spray humidifiers:

Adiabatic humidification system using spray nozzles with water and compressed air.

Energetically it is the most efficient humidification system, given its low operating costs.

Types of nozzles:

Ultrasonic nozzle (BUS)
Through its resonator support, it allows water to be atomized up to a droplet size of 1 to 1.5 Microns, which facilitates its rapid absorption into the air.

The BUS nozzle has no mixing chamber and incorporates a self-cleaning system.

Venturi nozzle (BV)
It uses pressurized air to generate, by Venturi effect, an atomization of 10 to 15 Microns.

A control panel regulates the operation of the nozzles by means of a standard signal (0-10V).

For applications in cold rooms there is a control panel (MCR) for 1 to 15 nozzles in All/Nothing mode.

Stainless steel nozzles, which require very little maintenance and can work with mains or demineralized water.

Optionally, a UV sterilizing filter can be used.

With a view to safety, the automatic emptying system drains the water from the installation to avoid water stagnation when there is no demand (not available with MCR control), thus minimizing health risks.

The SPRAY system using BUS nozzles is used to humidify inside air ducts, in UTAs or in cold rooms.

BV nozzles are used to humidify directly into the air

Most common applications

Textile industry, graphic arts, warehouses, warehouse, paint booths, etc.

Technical data

Technical Data Humidifiers by air/water spraying

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