Ident Pro

Digidens T6CR densitometers

Paper (reflection) and film (transmission) color densitometer:

It allows simple but precise measurements both on film (for transmission) and on black and white prints (reflection). It is compact, robust, precise, reliable. Simple handling, only three buttons and a large display to show the information. Does not need maintenance.

The DigiDens T6CR denistometer is portable, low-power, battery-powered, easy to use in one hand and can be carried in your pocket.

Reflection (paper) and transmission (film) densitometer

– CMYK density, percentage and dot gain
– Density difference and color difference Delta E
– Simple handling, Instructions in Spanish

– 2 years warranty.

Black and White Digidens Densitometers

DigiDens T6R densitometers

Black and white densitometer paper and film (transmission)

Density and percentage of point

– These densitometers have maximum reading values:
5.5 (broadcast/movie)
2.5 (reflection/paper)

DigiDens T6RL densitometers:

Black and white densitometer film (transmission)

  • Density and percentage for films (transmission)
  • Maximum reading value densitometers: 6
  • Built-in light source