Densitómetros blanco y negro (transmisión)

Black and white densitometer for film – transmission – with light source:

Densitometer with built-in light source that allows simple but precise measurements on film (by transmission).

The built-in light spot provides high precision in the measurement of densities and spot percentage, with excellent repeatability.

It has a simple to use interface, with only three buttons.

The DigiDens T6CR densitometer is compact, accurate, reliable, low power. It works with battery, it is easy to handle -with one hand- and it can be carried in your pocket.

It has a large display to show the information, it has a robust design and does not require maintenance.

Portability: The DigiDens T6CR denistometer is portable,

The light source is long-lasting and instantly reaches light stability (an important parameter to take into account, since the light tubes of conventional light tables need approximately 20 minutes to reach light stability).

It can be connected to mains or with autonomous operation using internal rechargeable batteries.

It reaches density measurement up to D 6.


Transmission B/W Density Range

> 6.0D

Repeatability in transmission B/W density


Transmission B/W Deviation Percentage


Density range B/W reflection

> 2.5D

Repetition density B/W reflection

±0.01D(D< two)

Reflection B/W Deviation Percentage


Number of measurements
per battery pack

> transmission mode

Approx. 200,000

> reflection mode

Approx. 100,000

type of batteries


Accu type


Measuring point diameter