Black and white densitometers (transmission)

Black and white densitometer for film -transmission- and paper -reflection-:

Portable unit for simple but precise measurements both on film (for transmission) and on black and white prints (reflection).

It allows measuring densities of up to 5.5 -this perimeter depends on the light table used-, and 2.5 for reflection -paper-.

The density and the percentage of dot appear simultaneously on the display for more comfort and agility in the measurement.

It can be configured in a simple and flexible way so that the measurement is according to your needs and environmental light conditions -Ej.

It has a large display to show the information, it has a robust design and does not require maintenance.

Portability: The DigiDens T6R Densitometer is portable, battery-powered, one-handed, and can be carried in a pocket.


Transmission B/W Density Range

±0.01D(D< 5)

Repeatability in transmission B/W density


Transmission B/W Deviation Percentage

> 2.5D

Density range B/W reflection

±0.01D(D< two)

Repetition density B/W reflection


Reflection B/W Deviation Percentage

Number of measurements
per battery pack

Approx. 200,000

> transmission mode

Approx. 100,000

> reflection mode


type of batteries


Accu type


Measuring point diameter

> 5.5D