Interactive graphics tablets

Wacom Intuos3: High-performance digitizing tablets for professionals

Range of graphic tablets aimed at design professionals, photographers, illustrators, creatives, engineers, architects, etc. Thanks to its superb design and material quality and user-oriented functionality, the Intuos3 system lays new foundations for maximum efficiency and productivity in professional digital media publishing.

Wacom Cintiq

The perfect instrument for working with graphic and creative applications. The perfect mix of tablet and monitor in one device makes Cintiq 21 UX the ideal device for drawing, designing, painting, cropping or any other task that requires stroke accuracy. The optimal coordination between the hand and the eye allows us to extract that extra impossible to achieve with the classic mouse: as in the physical world, we paint where we look. In addition, by its nature, the adaptation to Cintiq 21 UX is immediate, without periods of learning and accommodation.

Wacom Cintiq 12WX: The Portable Pen Display

Creative professionals around the world use sketchpads to express their first ideas. For this reason the Cintiq concept was developed: as a sketchpad, with a soft and flat surface, as if it were a paper, but with the particularity of digital work.