Wacom Cintiq 21UX Pen Display:

The perfect instrument for working with graphic and creative applications. The perfect mix of tablet and monitor in one device makes Cintiq 21 UX the ideal device for drawing, designing, painting, cropping or any other task that requires stroke accuracy. The optimal coordination between the hand and the eye allows us to extract that extra impossible to achieve with the classic mouse: as in the physical world, we paint where we look. In addition, by its nature, the adaptation to Cintiq 21 UX is immediate, without periods of learning and accommodation.

Wacom Cintiq 21 UX has a spectacular screen of 21.3 inches diagonal and with a native resolution of 1600 x 1200 px, far exceeding the size of the previous ivas screens. For added working comfort, the Wacom Cintiq 21 UX allows an inclination of 10 to 60º on the horizontal of the table. In addition, in the most lying position it allows a free rotation of 360º, which allows it to be rotated as if it were a sheet of paper to find the most suitable position for the strokes.

Cintiq 21 UX has a special support that allows you to rotate and tilt the tablet until it is almost perpendicular to the table, in addition to hanging it to put it on your lap.

Express Keys and TouchStrip function keys

Cintiq 21 UX comes equipped with function keys (ExpressKeys) and with two sensor fields (Touch Strips). In order to make frequently repeated tasks even easier, ExpressKeys allow you to configure shortcuts or menu commands. Touch Strips can be easily used with your finger or pen to scroll through documents, use the zoom function in graphic design programs, or control selected program functions. In this way, the work of editing on digital documents is carried out more efficiently.

Maximum ergonomics for greater naturalness

The Grip Pen tool offers 1,024 levels of pressure and even has tilt sensitivity. Thanks to this, some illustration programs are able to work exactly the same as the real world, where painting or drawing with different pressures or angles on the sheet of paper means different aspects or results of the stroke. You can also purchase, optionally, three special pencils with unique features that will delight the most demanding. For the original GripPen pen is also available the so-called Pen Accessory Kit, a set of accessories composed of a rubber handle without a side switch, an additional side button for replacement and three sets of tips.

Pressure sensitivity means that when working with compatible applications, higher pen pressure on the tablet means a more opaque or larger stroke.

The pen has fully configurable side buttons and an eraser at the top. These buttons, like all the behavior of the tablet (sensitivity, functions of the Express Keys keys, etc.) can be configured generically for the entire operating system or individually in specific applications: that is, we can indicate that the tablet does not behave the same in Adobe Photoshop as in QuarkXPress, for example. When changing applications, the driver itself will automatically modify the settings without the need for constant intervention by the user.

General characteristics:

· 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity, allowing you to create natural strokes in graphic applications

· Sensitivity to inclination, reproducing the behavior of airbrushes, fountain pens, charcoals and brushes

· ExpressKeys, a series of customizable keys grouped to the left and right of the screen that perform hotkey functions, reducing keyboard usage

· TouchStrip, a small surface that works similarly to laptop touchpads. They allow you to assign page scrolling, scrolling or zooming functions with a simple movement of the finger.

· No cable, no batteries. All Cintiq 21 UX tools (and Wacom in general) work without batteries or connections, eliminating maintenance.

· Plug&Play installation. The device is installed in a few seconds. For tablet functions it has a small controller that is easy to install and configure.

· Video connection by DVI. The tablet is connected via a DVI digital connector (for monitor functions) and a USB port (for tablet functions). With the packaging, a DVI-VGA adapter and a DVI-D/DVI-I adapter are supplied, so it can be connected to any video card on the market.

· Includes Corel Painter Classic Essentials2. The tablet provides a license of the raster illustration program par excellence.

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista · MacOS X 10.2.6 or higher · CD-ROM Drive · Active USB connection · VGA or DVI connection