Wacom Intuos3:

High-performance digitizer tablets for professionals. Range of graphic tablets aimed at design professionals, photographers, illustrators, creatives, engineers, architects, etc. Thanks to its superb design and material quality and user-oriented functionality, the Intuos3 system lays new foundations for maximum efficiency and productivity in professional digital media publishing.

The GripPen pressure-sensitive pen has also been redesigned, being now slightly more stylized and in which work has been done on a better distribution of the masses, being much more balanced which affects a much lower fatigue after many continuous hours of use. In addition, Wacom’s patented battery-free and wireless operating technology allows for greater comfort and freedom of movement, lower specific weight and of course, avoids the need for periodic battery replacements.***
The A4 Oversize and A3 Wide models are available in two configurations: DTP, for graphics and with which the pen is included, a 5-button mouse and a source illustration software, and CAD configuration, in which the pen is replaced by a special mouse with a scanning lens.

Express Keys and TouchStrip function keys

For the first time, Intuos3 tablets are equipped with function keys (ExpressKeys) and, depending on the size of the tablet, with one or two sensor fields (Touch Strips). In order to make frequently repeated tasks even easier, ExpressKeys allow you to configure shortcuts or menu commands. Touch Strips can be easily used with your finger or pen to scroll through documents, use the zoom function in graphic design programs, or control selected program functions. In this way, the work of editing on digital documents is carried out more efficiently.

Maximum ergonomics for greater naturalness:

The Grip Pen tool currently offers 1,024 pressure levels and even has tilt sensitivity. Thanks to this, some illustration programs are able to work exactly the same as the real world, where painting or drawing with different pressures or angles on the sheet of paper means different aspects or results of the stroke. You can also buy, optionally, four special pencils with unique features that will delight the most demanding. For the original GripPen pen is also available the so-called Pen Accessory Kit, a set of accessories composed of a rubber handle without a side switch, an additional side button for replacement and three sets of tips.

The pen has fully configurable side buttons and an eraser at the top. These buttons, like all the behavior of the tablet (sensitivity, functions of the Express Keys keys, etc.) can be configured generically for the entire operating system or individually in specific applications: that is, we can indicate that the tablet does not behave the same in Adobe Photoshop as in QuarkXPress, for example. When changing applications, the driver itself will automatically modify the settings without the need for constant intervention by the user.

Different sizes available

Intuos3 is available in different sizes to suit the needs of each user. The Wide models have a work area in 16:10 format, while the standard models have a 3:4 ratio, except for the A4 Oversize model, whose ratio is practically 1:1.

Supplied software

All Intuos3 tablets in DTP configuration are supplied exclusively with the new Corel Painter Essentials, a version specially adapted for Wacom of Corel Painter, the main graphic software for painting and drawing naturally. This program supports the most important features of Intuos3.

System requirements: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista • MacOS X 10.2.6 or higher • CD-ROM drive • Active USB connection