Wacom Cintiq 12WX Pen Display:

Creative professionals around the world use sketchpads to express their first ideas. For this reason the Cintiq concept was developed: as a sketchpad, with a soft and flat surface, as if it were a paper, but with the particularity of digital work.

Cintiq 12WX is a pen display, a perfect mix consisting of an LCD monitor and a graphics tablet, united in a single device. A slender, lightweight and resistant design, allows you to use Cintiq 12WX practically anywhere and at any time: in a client’s house, in the study, in the dining room of the house, etc. (requires a power outlet). In addition, due to its compact size, it fits in any laptop bag.

Its small size and lightness make it perfect for working exactly as we would with a sketchpad.

Express Keys and TouchStrip function keys

Cintiq 12WX comes equipped with function keys (ExpressKeys) and with two sensor fields (Touch Strips). In order to make frequently repeated tasks even easier, ExpressKeys allow you to configure shortcuts or menu commands. Touch Strips can be easily used with your finger or pen to scroll through documents, use the zoom function in graphic design programs, or control selected program functions. In this way, the work of editing on digital documents is carried out more efficiently.

Pressure sensitivity means that when working with compatible applications, higher pen pressure on the tablet means a more opaque or larger stroke.

The pen has fully configurable side buttons and an eraser at the top. These buttons, like all the behavior of the tablet (sensitivity, functions of the Express Keys keys, etc.) can be configured generically for the entire operating system or individually in specific applications: that is, we can indicate that the tablet does not behave the same in Adobe Photoshop as in Corel Painter, for example. When changing applications, the driver itself will automatically modify the settings without the need for constant intervention by the user.

General characteristics:

· TFT LCD Pen Monitor – 12.1″ diagonal (261mm x 163mm)

· WXGA 1280×800 px resolution

· Brightness: 180cd/m2, Contrast: 600:1

· Magnetic resonance technology, with 5,080 lines per inch of resolution

· Includes GripPen pen, self-contained operation without cable or batteries

· 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity

· Sensitivity to pen tilt angle

· Rotation detection (using ArtMaker pen, not included)

· Includes ExpressKeys and TouchStrip, user-configurable side function keys

· Includes folding support, tiltable between 10º and 60º with respect to the vertical

· Weight: 2Kg

System requirements: Windows 2000/XP/Vista · MacOS X 10.3.9 or higher · CD-ROM Drive · Active USB connection · VGA or DVI connection