Anti-fatigue carpets:

Anti-fatigue mats relieve pressure on the feet, stimulate blood circulation, and help decrease stress on the lower back, leg joints, and major muscle groups.

James M. Kendrick describes how anti-fatigue mats work in his article “Safety and health at work”: “Industrial anti-fatigue mats have been designed so that the body swings naturally and imperceptibly, which encourages a slight movement of the muscles of the legs and calves. This facilitates blood flow and prevents blood from stagnating in the veins, causing workers to feel tired.”

At the University of Michigan Center for Ergonomics and the Department of Industrial Engineering at Kansas State University, studies have been conducted that conclude that ergonomic carpets significantly influence fatigue and comfort in different parts of the body.

Standing on hard surfaces for a long time can lead to various problems that can be easily avoided with the addition of an anti-fatigue mat.
1.- When a person is standing their muscles contract, reducing blood flow. As a consequence, muscles and joints hurt and blood stagnates.
2.-Standing causes pronation or excessive flattening of the feet. This can cause the simple discomfort of getting tired and hurting, but it can also cause plantar fasciitis, among other serious foot pathologies.
3.- As for back pain, workers who stay more than four hours a day standing will be more prone to lower back pain.

The Anti-fatigue mats can have an aggressive surface with different textures -anti-slip-, they can be resistant to oil, be manufactured with long-lasting rubber compounds for welding areas, be designed to absorb static electricity, act as an insulator against cold, heat, vibrations and noise.

There are also other types of anti-fatigue carpets are fireproof, drainage, protection for falling objects and non-conductive carpets.

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