Anti-fatigue safety mats

Safety Mats for DRY AREAS

Anti-fatigue carpets for DRY AREAS:

• Microcellular vinyl structure composed of millions of air bubbles that provide the worker with essential comfort
• The 9.4 mm thick safety mat provides ergonomic benefits.
• All four edges are beveled and sealed to minimize the risk of tripping.
• Non-slip mat R10 according to DIN51130 and BG BGR181.

Anti-Fatigue Safety Carpets for DRY AREAS

Bezels and finishes Anti-fatigue Safety Carpets for DRY AREAS

Safety Mats for DRY AREAS

Anti-fatigue safety mats for WET/DRY AREAS:

• The perforations of the safety carpet allow liquids and dirt to penetrate it, leaving the surface dry and clean.
• Structure of modules that are intertwined with each other, facilitating the installation to measure without losses. Square pieces of 91×91 cm of simple placement from wall to wall or as “islands”, in any direction and with different shapes.
• Compatible with the patented MD-Ramp™ system that provides security thanks to its bezels; available for indoor and outdoor corners.
• The safety mat has excellent anti-fatigue properties thanks to the design of the bottom and its high-quality elastic rubber compound.
• Available for general use or in a wide variety of versions: grease resistance, flame retardant, anti-bacterial, brake fluid resistant, GSII™ anti-slip.
• Designed to last a long time.
• Resistance to most chemical elements and extreme temperatures.
• As they do not contain silicone, they are safe for vehicle painting installations.
• The safety mat is 19 mm thick, which provides ergonomic benefits to the worker.

Safety and Anti-Fatigue Carpet Bezels for WET / DRY AREAS

Safety and Anti-Fatigue Carpet Finishes for WET / DRY AREAS

Safety Mats for DRY AREAS

Anti-fatigue safety mats for GREASY AREAS:

• Anti-fatigue mats designed for use in combination with an absorbent.
• Made with a high quality nitrile rubber compound designed to withstand industrial oils.
• The 4 side edges are raised to form a containment tray around the carpet.
• Its rough surface of great traction prevents the absorbent from moving.
• Fire: classification Bfl -S1 according to DIN EN 13501 and Class 1 according to ASTM E648- 03 (NFPA253).
• Non-slip.
• They do not contain silicone, so they are safe for vehicle painting installations
• The thick platform from 19 to 12.7 mm thick provides ergonomic benefits to the worker.

Safety mats for greasy areas
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