Filing cabinets

Photo metal filing cabinet with drawers

Metal filing cabinet with drawers

To archive all types of documents, such as plans, originals, clichés, color tests, photolithographs, etc. Wide variety of sizes and formats. In the graphic arts sector, very suitable for use next to workstations.

Mobile file cabinet, mobile file cabinet, mobile file cabinet with 3 drawers or mobile file cabinet with 2 drawers, lock for office documents, pre-assembled hanging folders.

Auxiliary office furniture file cabinet with wheels shelves and drawers, wardrobe, sliding doors, metal cabinets, office file cabinets drawer with wheels.

We offer a wide range of multipurpose cabinet drawers with large storage 100x35x65 high matt black. Mobile filing cabinet for office with drawers, wood and industrial style rustic brown and black. Office cabinet with 3 drawers.

  • Available in 4, 7, 8 and 15 drawers
  • anthracite finishes
  • Silver lacquered body or body and drawers in RAL 7035. Other colors consult
Ref.Overall MeasurementDRAWERS
cm.No. x height cmInside Measurements cms
20.32150x70x801×4.3 + 7×8.640×62
20.32890x70x801×12.9 + 6×8.680×62
20.330120x90x801×12.9 + 6×8.6110×80
20.332120x90x901×12.9 + 6×8.6110×80
20.336135x90x801×4.3 + 7×8.6125×85
20.337135x90x801×12.9 + 6×8.6125×85
20.351160x110x901×12.9 + 6×8.6145×105
20.352160x90x901×12.9 + 6×8.6145×75
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Filing cabinet/ planers

Wood and metal furniture for archiving photolithographs, plans and sketches.

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