Paper roller guillotines

Roller guillotines for DIN A4 to DIN A0 paper

Roller guillotines to cut paper, as well as photos, photographic films, graphic arts material such as photolithographs and originals, laminated papers and many other materials. Professional shears for cutting lengths up to 1374 mm.

Large format guillotines for plans and posters!

Large format roller guillotines, with cutting lengths up to 2550 mm and absolutely professional benefits. Suitable for cutting paper and sheets, drawings, plans, photos, posters and / or digital prints.

Lever guillotines from A3 up to 720mm cutting lengths.

With German manufacturing guarantee. Professional guillotines for paper sizes from untill 720 mm. Permiten cortar pilas de papel de hasta 80mm. Manual Lever, Semiautomatic, Automatic and Programmable Guillotines.