Automatic parts washers

For washing mechanical parts with traces of ink, paint or for degreasing in general. Pieces from production work in printers, workshops and industry in general. Equipment in stainless steel and designed to comply with environmental and safety standards.

Manual parts washer front view

750E Automatic Parts Washers

Automatic washing machines with rotating basket and heating system.
– Measurements: 1185 width x 1170 height x 1105 depth mm
– Tank capacity: 130 liters
– Weight: 180kg
– Basket capacity: 890mm
– Useful height: 450 mm
– Pump flow: 130 L/min
– Pump pressure: 3.5 bar

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Industrial distillers

Industrial Distiller

Recovery and reuse of contaminated solvent generated in degreasing and washing works of industrial processes.
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Pantone Guides

Guides for color selection and control. Guides GOE, Home Textile, RAL, etc.
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