Wall thermo-hygrometers

wall thermo-hygrometers

Wall-mounted or table-top thermo-hygrometer with large-format screen

– Range: Humidity 10-95% HR / Temperature -10+60ºC
– Resolution: Humidity 1% HR / Temperature 0.1ºC
– Functions: Maximum, minimum.
– Power supply: 1 1.5V type AAA battery
– Dimensions: 100x108x15mm. Weight: 171gr.

wall thermo-hygrometers

For measurement and recording of temperature and humidity, with internal probe. Easy download to PC via integrated USB connector. Data logging capacity: 50,000 temperature and 50,000 humidity

– Start-up and programmable or predefined configuration (no software required) at intervals of 5 minutes and without alarms.
– 100,000 data memory: 50,000 temperature records and 50,000 humidity records.
– Multi-trip registration for uninterrupted registration of the cold chain.
– LED visual and acoustic alarm.
– USB 2.0 interface for fast communication.
– Quick download of data, graphs, tables and Excel spreadsheets.
– Vibration sensor to register movements -opening doors, windows, etc.-
– LCD display with LED indicator for alarm and low battery.
– Battery life up to 3 years.
– Includes wall support and magnet.
– ISO calibration certificate traceable to DAkkS standards, (23ºC and 50% HR), included.