Moisture analyzer

Also called moisture balance. The calculation of humidity is made from the difference in weight between the wet material and the weight of the material once dried. A method of moisture analysis called thermal gravimetric. The process is fast and precise thanks to the halogen radiators that ensure fast and effective drying.

It comes equipped with RS-232 and USB output for printing to a computer, as well as a PS/2 output for an external keyboard.


– Accelerated drying process. – 4 drying programs. – 20 types of drying in memory. – Thermogravimetric method. – Fast, slow, step and standard drying. – Connectivity: RS-232 and USB outputs for our printers and PCs. – PS/2 output to connect an external keyboard. – Export of analysis results in Excel spreadsheet. – Data and graphs of the process in real time.


– Alphanumeric display with detailed process information – Adjustable feet for optimal transmission force

– Option ISOCAL Certificate from 0.01 g to 30 kg

Accessories (optional)

– RS-232 cable to PC – RS-232 Cable to Printer

The analyzer indicates the intermediate results on its digital display while the sample is drying. The final result shows the exact humidity of the initial sample, calculated from the difference between both weighings.

Analyzer Capacity (g) Resolution (g) Dimensions plate (mm)
CRH-110 110 0,005 90 Ø
CRH-210 210 001 90 Ø