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Digital sword thermo-hygrometers for stacks of paper

Multi-function portable device with two-line LCD display for high-resolution humidity, dew point, airflow and temperature measurement. All in one instrument.

  • Supports a wide variety of probes: Pt100, various thermocouples (with adapter),
    relative humidity probes and flow probes.
  • High precision (0.01ºC)
  • differential measurement
  • 2 freely identifiable channels

Pt100 or thermocouple temperature meter (with connector adapter), RH and 2-channel flow. 6000 data logger, Scale -200…850ºC, 0…100% RH and 0…40 m/s.

max function min average and differential, USB output (optional software) and battery power.

Possibility of incorporating adapter to connect thermocouple probes with Mini connector (standard), protective rubber cover for the instrument, connector for Pt100 probes, etc.

Portable Sword Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

Moisture measurement in stacks of paper and cardboard

Moisture meters in stacks of paper (with and without sword), for the control of the absolute content of water in rolls of paper and cardboard (great depth of measurement). Also for automatic control of the environment in printing rooms and paper and cardboard warehouses. Wall-mounted or table-top thermo-hygrometer, with large-format screen. Thermometer and humidity meter in a single tester.

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CH5 sword thermohygrometer next to a stack of paper placed on a pallet and ready to measure humidity. Humidity meter for stacks of paper, corrugated cardboard and control of the environment of printing rooms and paper warehouses. 30 cm sword sensor.


View of an operator putting the blade of the CH6 thermo-hygrometer into a stack of paper. yes All the functions of the CH5 moisture meter + paper and wood moisture balance. 30 cm sword sensor


View of a CMZ thermo-hygrometer with the two swords inserted in a stack of paper and thus making the humidity measurement Moisture meter for pulp sheets with a density of 450 to 900 kg/m’ capable of measuring directly on the stack thanks to the double sword. It can be used for sulfate, sulfite and bleached and unbleached cellulose fiber processes.