Techkon Graphic Arts densitometers

Desintometers are used in black and white film measurement applications, this device offers highly accurate measurements of reflected light. It measures the degree of darkness and is also capable of measuring the optical density according to the reflected light through non-destructive testing for the product with high performance.

You can contact our staff to get the best performance and reliability equipment for your need through spectral values which can measure the ink on different types of surfaces.

– Densities
– Point percentage
– Gray Balance

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TECHKON DENS Color Densitometer
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Techkon Dens Densitometers

Basic, Advanced and Premium

The new TECHKON DENS groups three instruments in one. It is a reflection densitometer for CMYK color prints , a transmission densitometer for film , and a high-quality magnifying glass with built-in light for precise print quality control.

The TECHKON DENS densitometer allows basic densitometric analysis, on a large color screen and by manipulating only three buttons. Clear, simple and fast.

Measurements are made quickly thanks to its ability to automatically detect color and gray balance.

Measurement parameters:

– Densities
– Point percentage
– Gray Balance

It uses LED technology as a long-lasting, low-consumption light source. A multi-channel color sensor analyzes the light signal ensuring a match between instruments and high-end spectrophotometers. The measurement is done in a fraction of a second.

Power supply via integrated Li-Ion battery with fast and long-lasting recharging -thousands of measurements-, via USB cable.

Robust and compact housing, made of aluminium. It only weighs 330 grams. Ergonomics and elegant design.

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SpectroDens Densitometers

Basic, Advanced and Premium

The Basic and Advance versions have been added to the SpectroDens Premium densitometer, state-of-the-art portable spectro-densitometric measurement tools. A complete range that meets all the needs of the printing industry, which demands maximum quality and precision.

For new demands that the graphic industry is presenting, economic updates will be announced. Configurations are upgradable from one to another.

They offer a scan function that allows short scans of various control elements in a matter of seconds, without the need for guide accessories.

Intuitive and comfortable user interface, with color screen. The screen displays the color next to the measurement.

Very easy understanding of CIE L *a*b* values.

– Measurement in only 1 sec. with consistent precision
– Integrated absolute standard white
– LCD screen: large size, resolution and contrast
– Easy selection of functions
– Handy and compact
– USB port and WI-FI wireless connection to PC

SpectroDens BASIC densitometers:

All densitometric functions for fast and secure verification of CMYK print jobs.

It incorporates new functions such as the printing curve with scanning function, dot measurement on printing plates, printing folding and sliding, spectral density measurement, Mini ExPresso function: Density trend.

SpectroDens ADVANCED densitometers :
With the most important colorimetric functions for precise measurements of CMYK and special inks. Smart features to calculate density adjustments to easily meet industry standard targets for process control.

Incorporates new features as InkCheck: CIE L*a*b – measurement of CMYK and specialty inks with calculation of recommended density setting for most accurate color, CIE XYZ, CIE L*C*h ab, Δ Ecmc, Δ E 94, Δ E 2000, measurement conditions M0 – M3 according to ISO 13655.

SpectroDens PREMIUM densitometers :

Fully equipped version, which satisfies the highest demands for quality control in color laboratory material testing and all areas of printing. Oriented to special functions of the control of compliance with ISO standards.

Incorporates new functions such as M0 -M3 measurement conditions according to ISO 13655, ISO-Check scanning function: Complete analysis of PSO/ISO 12647 standard in 3 seconds, Media Wedge Ugra / Fogra scanning function: Shows the result in screen after 15 seconds.

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Densitometer for offset plates

Basic, Advanced and Premium

– Measure film in reflection and transmission
– Accurate measurements on all popular offset plates
– Lineatures AM, FM, Hybrids, from low to high resolution
– Can be used as “Digital Microscope”
– CMYK measurement

– Measurement time of only 1 second
– Does not need calibration
– Sophisticated image calculation and powerful signal processing
– Portable mobile unit, also for remote use without PC
– Large, high resolution, high contrast LCD graphic display
– Verifiable
– Expandable: can be upgraded from Start to Expert level by upgrading
the firmware from the PC
– Easy use
– Connectivity: USB port for data transfer to PC