Label printers

Available in three modes:

SpectroPlate Start:
• % Point Percentage
• Frame angle in °
• Screen ruling in l/cm and lpi

SpectroPlate Expert
(can be obtained by updating the Start
if contracted and downloaded online)

To the START FUNCTIONS are added:
• % dot transfer curve.
• Transfer curve. dot gain.
• Geometric analysis
• Memory for 100 data sets
• Stockings

SpectroPlate All-Vision
• Measurement on “no process” plates, without
chemicals, with very low visible contrast.

SpectroPlate densitometer:

Spectroplate densitometers are available in three modes: Start, Expert and All-Vision.

The Start model measures dot percentage on all common types of printing plates, film and CMYK printing.

The SpectroPlate Expert also allows the registration of complete transfer curves and the possibility of analyzing geometric objects with the same device.

The All-Vision model also allows the measurement of low-contrast plates.

The Start version can be upgraded to the Expert version by contracting and downloading software online. For upgrade to All-Vision additional hardware must be added.

Accuracy in the measurement of the printing plate.

1. Quick and easy use

2. High precision in measurements
3. Robust and reliable construction
4. Ergonomic and functional design


• Accurate measurements on all popular offset plates

• For AM, FM, Hybrid, high resolution rulings

• Measures reflection and transmission film

• Can be used as a “Digital Microscope”

• Measurement on prints in CMYK

• With digital rule

2. fast

• Measurement time of only 1 second!

• Registration of the entire transfer course

• Positioning on the direct and safe sample

• No need for calibration

• Ready to use immediately after plugging in

3. Accurate

• High resolution color matrix CMOS sensor

• High-precision optical system “Made in Germany”

• Wide spectrum and homogeneous LED illumination

• Highest absolute accuracy thanks to reference to the Fogra Measuring Bar FMB absolute standard

• Sophisticated image calculation and powerful signal processing

4. Independent

• Mobile, portable unit; also for remote use without PC

• Large, high resolution, high contrast LCD graphic display

• High-capacity, fast-recharging batteries; with loading console

• Measurement data can be transferred to a PC

5. Durable

• Solid and robust design; performs superbly in harsh industrial environments

• No mechanical moving parts; therefore maintenance-free

• Manufactured with environmentally friendly components, in accordance with environmental and safety regulations


• Devices are permanently calibrated at manufacture according to the FMB benchmark of the renowned research institute FOGRA

• Calibration values can be easily verified and the instrument recalibrated by taking other FMB references

7. Expandable

• Can be upgraded from Start to Expert level by updating firmware from PC

• The update of the level itself is done from the PC in a matter of seconds

8. Attractive

• Design with a pleasant and ergonomic aesthetic, as well as functional

• Being compact and light, it fits the hand like a glove

• The measurement button is long and positioned so that the device can be easily operated with one hand

9. User friendly

• Self-descriptive use

• Multiple languages can be selected for menus

• All measurement functions are easily accessible

10. Connectivity

• USB port for fast transfer of measured data to PC

• SpectroPlate Connect easy-to-interpret software included