TECHKON SpectroDrive Scanning Spectrophotometer

Automatic color and density measurement. The perfect solution for substantially increasing machine productivity, ensuring color accuracy, print after print, during the print run.

The motorized metering system scans the complete control strip on the printed sheet in seconds. Simultaneously, it sends the spectral measurement data wirelessly to the PC. The operator monitors on his screen all the relevant information for the control of the printing machine. Spectral measurements allow you to display both densitometric and colorimetric data.

Print on demand is leading to ever smaller print jobs, with very short runs. Increasingly critical aspects of the final cost are the time required to prepare the print run and the achievement of the correct colour, as well as printing with constant quality. SpectroDrive reduces “non-productive” setup time dramatically.

In addition to scanning measurements, the SpectroDrive can be used as a handheld instrument for spot measurements. To do this, the device is extracted from the horizontal guide and measurements can be made autonomously where desired.

The associated software -PC ExPresso- is compatible with the print quality standards defined by ISO 12647 and Gracol G7™. It is a comprehensive set of tools including spot color measurement, support for up to 16 print units, front and back printing, color density rendering, dot gain, gray balance, L*a* values b* and recommendations on how to adjust the ink in the machine.

The measurement data can be exported to other software applications that connect in real time with the press for an on-press automatic ink fountain correction solution. Measurement data can be exported to standard applications such as Microsoft Excel.

• Reduction of ink and paper waste
• Reduction of downtime of the printing machine.
• Enables predictable and calculable print jobs.
• Reduction of the claims ratio
• Increased quality and reliability of printing
• Very short return on investment time
• Quality assurance throughout the print run
• Quick and easy installation
• Easy drive
– The measuring instrument only has one button to start the
measurement process.
– The ExPresso PC software has a user interface
self-explanatory that can be operated via touch screen.

SpectroJet Spectrophotometer:

High precision spectrophotometer for automatic measurement of colorimetric values, densities, dot gain, print contrast and gray balance.

The spectrophotometer can be moved by hand above the control strip or mounted on drag guides to work comfortably and without losing accuracy in large printing formats.

The spectral measurement data is immediately sent to the PC via USB cable and thanks to the supplied software -Techkon SpectroConnect-. All measurements can be exported to other applications such as Microsoft Excel.

As an additional software application, Techkon Expresso software designed for control and recording of print quality, compatible with various quality control methods – ISO 1264, Gracol G7 ™, etc. – can be supplied.

A polarizing filter can be inserted to meet printing standards.

• Very high measurement speed
• Can be used as a handheld measuring device
• Polarized filter for ISO compatible measurements
• Ink color control
• Ideal for reading Fogra strips and other control systems
• Compatible with ISO, PSO, Gracol G7 ™ or any other quality standard

Work table

Measurement device: spectrophotometer or densitometers.

InkZone Loop: Automatic printing measurement and control.

Software for digital control of offset press inkwells . In response to automatic measurement and evaluation of the print control strips, the necessary adjustments are commanded to the ink fountains to achieve the results required by the operator.

The system is applicable to most flat or rotary presses , old or new generation .

Inkzone Loop receives information from a TECHKON or X-RIT densitometer or spectrophotometer. It processes the data presented to it by the measurement device: density, dot gain, contrast, trapping, gray balance, slip, etc.

  • Densitometer or spectrophotometer: check strip reading.
  • Data comparison with pre-established color references.
  • Calculation of the necessary corrections.
  • Transmission of orders to the offset press through the
    Inkzone connection hardware that governs the keys of the inkwells.