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Laptop | Compact | Robust | Accurate
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Wide Display
Does not need maintenance
Low consumption -works with battery-.

… the best densitometer at the best price

Color densitometer for paper and film

– Reflection densitometer (paper) and
– Transmission densitometer (film)
– CMYK density, percentage and dot gain
– Density difference and Delta E color difference
– Simple handling, Instructions in Spanish
– 2 years warranty..

Color densitometer for paper and film -reflection and transmission-:

It allows simple but precise measurements to be made both on film (by transmission) and on

printed in black and white (reflection).

Transmission mode:

    1. – Density
    2. – Point percentage

Reflection mode automatically recognizes each color and measures:

    1. – Density
    2. – Percentage/Point Increase
    3. – Density of primary and secondary colors
    4. – Density difference.
Other measurements:
    1. – Measurement of color differences in dE
    2. – It is especially used in the printing of Pantone colors or colors
      direct where a decomposition in CMYK is not possible.