Spectrophotometers for cosmetics

Takes the color of liquids, pastes, powders and even
solid surfaces.

Measure color to swatches
liquid, granulated,
pasty or solid

SpectroBase Spectrophotometer:

Designed for accurate color measurement in the cosmetic industry. Measure the color of your raw materials whether they are liquid, granular, pasty or solid.

SpectroBase is a user-friendly device. Compact, precise and wireless. Its elegant appearance allows it to be used outside the laboratory or production room if required.

We can supply the sample holder accessories that are exactly adapted to the type of sample to be measured.

The Techkon SpectroBase will allow you to determine the color of granules, powders and pigments as well as oils and other liquids in less than a second.

Delivery of results with color graphics and in any of the measurement standards used in the market.

Work wirelessly from your mobile.

• Configurable screen to show specific data in the color taking.

• Simple handling. Compact design mounted in solid aluminum housing.

• Shows the color measured in less than a second

• Data transfer to USB or wirelessly (WLAN)

• Includes rechargeable battery.