Color Card Scanner

ColorScout AX

ColorScout AXT

ColorScout AXT large format

Automatic spectrophotometric color chart scanner

The ColorScout AX is a high-speed, high-precision, automatic spectrophotometric color chart scanner.

With technology based on support of the probe by air cushion

The high-performance photo-optical esc probe. This air bag support technology ensures correct conservation of the cards, while keeping the device free of dust.

The scan time for the 928 patch IT8.7/3 chart is approximately 4 minutes. For the 1485 patch ECI2002 it is less than 6 minutes.

Supports a maximum letter format of A3+. Taking into account this unique size limitation, cards can be designed in any format.

Due to its low noise level it can be used in office environments unlike other measurement systems known to all.

The AXT option is the same as the AX to which the communication module has been integrated.


General parameters

Measurement time:

chart IT8.7/3

approx 4.0 min for 928 patches

ECI 2002 letter

approx 6.0 min for 1485 patches

XY table parameters

maximum reading area

440mm x 360mm


serial / usb adapter


100-240V, 50/60Hz


700mm x 500mm x 170mm


about 17kg

Spectrometric section

Spectral module

Monolithic spectrometric module with stepped focus using diffraction grating, quartz fiber optics, 256-element diode array, 16-bit A/D conversion, no moving elements.

Spectral range

380 to 780nm

Optical Resolution


Sampling resolution

3.5nm (corresponds to 115 Bands)



sensor geometry

45/0° circular illumination optics

opening diameter


Light source

tungsten, gas filled, illumination type A

Measurement time:

< 0.1s (< 0.3 s including positioning)

Measurement range

density DIN 16536: D 0.0 – 2.5




±0.03 dE in 10 measurements on white

repeatability in density