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Pantone Capsure: digital color capture

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Pantone Capsure Portable Spectrocolorimeter:

Capture the color of any surface, material or fabric and find its Pantone Color match quickly and accurately.

Conceived for professionals in fashion, decoration and interior design, home textiles, graphic and industrial design, painting and DIY.

An easy-to-use portable spectrocolorimeter incorporating the latest technology in color detection, a new standard in versatility and accuracy in a portable device.

Pantone Capsure comes preloaded with more than 8,000 Pantone Colors, corresponding to the following color libraries:

  • PANTONE FASHION+HOME colors ·paper and cotton·. For fashion, decoration and home textiles.
  • PANTONE PAINT + INTERIORS colors ·paper and cotton·. For architecture and interior design.
  • PANTONE PLUS SERIES Formula Guide Colors ·coated and uncoated·.
  • PANTONE PLUS SERIES CMYK ·coated and uncoated·.
  • the PANTONE Goe™ System ·coated and uncoated·.

Ideal for professionals in graphic design, printing -graphic arts- and publishing (includes RGB, Adobe RGB, HTML, Lab and XYZ values for multimedia design)

Color Palette Software allows you to quickly incorporate captured colors into the color palette of your design or layout software for a completely custom color library. It ships with a protective carrying bag, USB cable, software, and quick start guide.


  • Store up to 100 color captures
  • Easy navigation between PANTONE libraries
  • Synchronization with the most popular design applications -Adobe® Photoshop®, Adobe Illustrator® and QuarkXPress®-
  • Automatically updates color libraries using CAPSURE Sync
  • Compact and light, it only weighs 170 gr. (with battery)
  • Colors can be referenced by voice recording and date and time can be recorded.
  • Wide color display screen (1.75 inches)
  • Provides harmonious shadows and identifies nearby colors
  • Lightweight lithium battery.


  • Save time and money by efficiently finding the PANTONE color for virtually any surface.
  • Capture, display and match up to four dominant colors of an intricate design
  • It allows you to create shades of your favorite shades and customize ranges for specific projects.
  • Provides unparalleled accuracy through advanced lighting and capture technology.
  • Compensates for gloss and surface variations
  • Ensure accuracy with real-time on-screen preview
  • Find the cross compatibility of any material or surface
  • Take thousands of measurements on a single charge.

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