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Pallet shrink wrappers from Mastil Telescopico Darwin-T

Pallet shrinking machine with open platform to load with manual and semi-automatic pallet trucks without ramp.

Of greater depth and height of the rotating platform than the conventional Darwin. Also©greater weight.

The addition of the mã¡stil saves space.

Load capacity of up to 1,200 kg on a 1,500 mm loading platform

height platform platform height
Maximum pallet 2,250 mm
· Loading 1,500 mm
· Maximum load 1,200 kg
· Height x Width x Depth (mm) 1,381 x 1500 x 2,911
· Weight 550 kg
· Swivel 86 mm
· Supply voltage 230 V
retractilar palets
  • Adjustment of the rotational speed of the platform by frequency converter.
  • Adjustment of the rotational speed of the film trolley by means of a frequency converter.
  • Possibility to regulate the tension of the film and the stop thanks to an electromagnetic brake.
  • Control of the height of the pallet by means of a photoelectric cell.
  • Safety stop at the base of the load
  • Six duty cycles
  • Supports storing 32 user work programs
  • Shrink-wrapped pallet counter
  • Self-diagnostic function
  • Three working modes:
    • Semi-manual
    • Semi-automatic
    • Offixed height
  • Two-year warranty
  • Optional

    · 1,650 mm loading platform
    · Maximum load weight up to 2,000 kg
    · Remote control
    · Infrared receiver for remote control
    · Ramp
    · Photoelectric cell for charges in dark conditions
    · Security fence

Note: Pallet shrink wrapper with technical characteristics subject to variations

without notice. Productivity depends on the type of pallet to be wrapped.