Other handling devices

Paper sewing machines:

Paper stitchers:

Specialized in the sewing of fascicles. You can work flat or on an easel up to a maximum thickness of 5 mm (it is recommended not to exceed 3 mm).

Uses 24 and 24 Omega series staples. It can be delivered with several heads and additional heads.

Table top stitchers

The Columbia series has the ability to work with all commercial staples rated in the 24-50 series, as well as Omega staples. The thicknesses to be sewn can vary from a minimum of one sheet, up to a thickness of 17mm. The magazine of each head can contain up to 200 staples.

The head is unified, so that it can be changed and determine its variation from one or another of the models illustrated in the attached figures.

Paper drills

Paper hole:

Stamped steel base with oxidized aluminum table. Perforation possibilities from a minimum of 3mm. up to a maximum of 14mm. without changing the mandrel.

Paper hole punch:

Designed for double perforation of paper in a single cycle. The base is made of stamped steel and the structure is a single cast block. The heads are lowered by means of a lever that activates a gear and rack system with sliding parts on rectified guides. The heads can be independently adjusted in height to level them with precision.

It is equipped with a tabulating square for the execution of multiple perforations and a system for extracting paper remains. As an additional option, it supports a base and actuation pedal.

paper wrapping machines

Checkbook binding machine

Newly conceived machine, patented in all its details. Quick and easy in its movements, prepared for the production of small and large amounts of blocks.

Built in a single cast aluminum. You can mount the block on its sides and below, simultaneously and in a single operation. It also works with gummed and self-adhesive papers, whose cutting is obtained electrically and simultaneously with the manual advance of the block.

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Tratamiento de aguas residuales industriales por evaporación al vacío


Tratamiento y separación de aguas residuales por evaporación al vacío.
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Guias pantone, Home Textil, goel, RAL, etc

Guías Pantone

Guías para la selección y control del color. Guias GOE, Home Textil, RAL, etc.
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Ir a Muebles archivadores

Mueble archivo/ planeros

Muebles de madera y metálicos para archivo de fotolitos, planos y bocetos.

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