Semi-automatic guillotines IDEAL for paper

Guillotine semi-automatic -l. cutting 430 mm- IDEAL Guillotine 4315 Cutting length 430 mm Cutting height 40 mm Narrow cut 35 mm Table depth 435 mm

Semi-automatic guillotine -cutting length 430 mm-

Electric guillotine with manual piston system, a cutting length of 430 mm and table depth of 435 mm (up to DIN A3)

Safety cutting system “SCS” (Safety Cutting System).

Oscillating safety lid on the front table (with automatic locking during the cutting action); transparent safety lid on the back table.

Electromechanical blade conductor. Cutting length of 430 mm. with cutting height for paper piles (up to 500 sheets of 70g/m2) or bound leaflets up to 40 mm.

High quality blade
– Solid steel blade holder and adjustable guides.
– Patented fastening system.
– Precision side stop.
– Precise adjustment of the rear bracket by means of the manual crank.
– Digital reading of rear square measurements (cm/inch – presentation corresponding to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inches)
– Optical cutting line with powerful LED’s.
– Solid all-metal construction.

The machine is desktop.

– Support table or furniture available as accessories (additional cost).

Cutting length: 430 mm

Cutting height: 40 mm

Table: 435 mm

Minimum cut: 35 mm

guillotina automática

IDEAL Guillotine 4815 Cutting length 475 mm Cutting height 80 mm Minimum cut 35 mm Table depth 458 mm

Semi-automatic guillotine 4815 -cutting length 475 mm-

Professional semi-automatic guillotine of German manufacture. Manual piston with cutting length 475 mm

· It incorporates EASY-CUTque activates the blade with both hands.

– Ergonomic anti-fatigue working height (94cm)

– Safety Cutting System “SCS” (Safety Cutting System)

– Electronically controlled oscillating safety cap

– Safety lid on the rear table

– Main switch and key security lock

– 24 volt controls (low voltage)

– Automatic recoil of the blade from any position

– Blade change device with edge protection

– Easy change of the blade from the front (no need to remove the caps)

– Easy rotation and/or change of the square

– Manual tread with steering wheel, with guides on both sides

– Rear bracket with calibrated manual crank

– Digital reading of measurements of the rear square (cm or inches)

– Optical cutting line with powerful LEDs

– Re-refilable blade made of high quality steel

– Includes table with tray, tool holder and stud to align the paper

– Includes table with support (optional side tables)

– Electromechanical conductor of the blade

– Rear bracket with manual crank

– SOLINGEN steel blade

– Metric scale in mm and inches

– Safety caps on the front and rear.

Cutting length: 475 mm

Cutting height: 80 mm

Table: 458 mm

Minimum cut: 30 mm