Crushable bottles:

Crushable bottles in rigid or flexible 1-liter tube

Scrapers / Raclas:

Great variety of steel and plasticraclas to adapt to the needs and preferences of cleaning in Offset printing.

Available in any thickness, stiffness, bezel and coil length. Available in steel, stainless steel and Onyx.


The cleaning, care and maintenance of Offset cylinders and printing equipment is as precise as it is delicate. Each circumstance and element requires a specific product.

Recyl has multiple options in cleaning cylinders and parts of Offset printing machinery, maintenance of clichés, system cleaners for solvent, water, etc.

Recyl COBRA thoroughly cleans any type of ink and coating product (UV and acrylic varnishes) that is highly capped.
Each boat allows cleaning up to 6 m2 of ceramic roller.
The Kit contains all the material for use and waste disposal.

Recyl CLEAN2000 keeps the anilox in good condition and prevents clogging. With each canister you can clean up to 25 m2 of ceramic, chrome or rubber rollers from any ink and coating product

Recyl QuickWash is the most versatile cleaning product for different types of ink. No odors, non-flammable and no danger to the user.
Cleans any part of the Offset machine, both in direct and diluted application for use in machines.


For washing in cylinders of different materials, shapes and hardnesses in Offset printing machine.

Brass brushes for chrome cylinder, steel for ceramic cylinder and synthetic brushes for clichés, with handle in PVC or wood.

LITHOSOL Cleaning of inks and greases:

A safe and biodegradable alternative to volatile, flammable and smelly products used in other ink and grease cleaning products.

To remove oil-based inks from lithographic rollers, printing plates, cartridge cylinders, all safely.

UWORX Organic Hand Cleaner in Industrial Dispenser:

Natural (organic) hand cleaner for maximum cleanliness, no aromas.

With a newly designed dispenser, oriented to industrial use, which allows savings of up to 60%. Compact, robust and easy to maintain. It only requires one press; supports 337.50 washes per liter without spills. The most durable, with lifetime warranty.

MEGASOL Degreaser. Powerful industrial cleaning solution

It drastically reduces the time spent cleaning industrial parts. It aggressively penetrates and emulsifies heavier oils and fats, even if contaminants are present.

To this extraordinary performance must be added its unprecedented levels of environmental safety and user protection, which makes it an essential element for any industrial process with extreme cleaning and degreasing conditions.

SURFISOL 315 RTU Degreaser. Powerful industrial cleaning solution

SurfiSol 315 RTU is a product derived from a unique chemical synthesis, which employs a new and powerful surfactant. It provides faster wetting and penetration and overall better cleaning without compromising the main thing, safety, or the environment.

This product, not based on citrus, reduces surface tension using static and dynamic surface tension measurement protocols.

SurfiSol 315 RTU rinses easily and leaves no residue, leaving only a clean surface and a fresh green apple fragrance.