microscopio digital portátil

€125 + VAT

Handheld USB Digital Microscope with Pedestal x500

Digital + Magnification x500 + USB Connection + Pedestal + Portability Portable USB digital microscope with great magnification capacity and the best features. The pack includes a micrometric pedestal. Simple to use, compact design and manageable with one hand out of the pedestal. Adaptable multiple environments and applications. Controlgraf presents it for the field of graphic arts but it is commonly used in the inspection of industrial components, jewellery, quality control, the educational field to make presentations with the possibility of projecting the enlargement of parts of documents printed on paper, etc. For better portability, the digital microscope is light, handy and can be connected to the USB input of any laptop. With the progressive introduction of computerization in the classroom, the digital microscopy modality is perfect for informative or scientific educational tasks. Its great magnification capacity (up to x500) is the best ally when using the digital microscope in teaching tasks. You can capture a great deal of detail on surfaces and textures. In addition, the USB digital microscope can be connected to a laptop or PC to capture images and record video. Its magnification capabilities and display quality make it ideal for use in quality control tasks. It allows to see with great definition the quality and finishes of photolithographs and prints in printing shops, industrial parts, electronic welding, surface roughness, oxides, etc…

Technical characteristics of the USB Digital Microscope x500

Color Black
led light 8
USB interface USB2.0 and 1.1
Extension 50 x 500 x ~
focus range 0~40mm
Formats Video: AVI – Photographs: JPEG and BMP
digital zoom By way of sequence 5X
Controller 16 bit DSP
frame rate 30 f/s less than 600 lux brightness
Resolution 1280×960,1600×1200, 800×600, 640×480, 320×240