Moisture balance

Measure the moisture of materials accurately from a small sample of them. Operation based on the thermogravimetric process; with fast, slow, step drying mode -you can see the intermediate measures- and standard.

Reliable, fast and simple process.


  • Accelerated drying process.
  • 4 drying programs.
  • 20 types of drying in memory.
  • Thermogravimetric method.
  • Fast, slow, step and standard drying.
  • Connectivity: RS-232 and USB outputs for our printers and PCs.
  • PS/2 output to connect an external keyboard.
  • Export of results in Excel spreadsheet.
  • Data and graphs of the process in real time.


  • Alphanumeric display with detailed process information.
  • Adjustable feet for optimal transmission force.
  • Option: ISOCAL Certificate from 0.01 g to 30 kg.
  • Accessories (optional): RS-232 cable to PC.

After loading the balance tray with the sample, it goes to the drying process.
At the end, the display shows the exact humidity of the initial sample.

plate (mm)
CRH-1101100,00590 Ø
CRH-21021000190 Ø