Breathalyzer for isotropic alcohol


Hydrometer for the determination of the alcohol content in the dampening solution.

– Scale 0-30%
– Reading in percent by volume
– Very long floating body for greater precision in the measurement
– Scale on both sides of the cylinder for a more comfortable measurement
– Calibrated in vol.-% IPA at a measurement temperature of 15 ºC *

* Measurement temperature

The temperature has an influence on the measurement of the breathalyzer. The more the temperature deviates from the calibration value (15 ºC), the greater its effect. In any case, with alcohol volumes of 0-15% and temperatures between 10-20ºC, no corrections are necessary.


Depending on the concentration of the dampening solution and the chemical compounds, the specific gravity of the dampening solution will increase and as a consequence, the bulb submerges less and registers a lower measurement than the real one. Making use of the following table and the measurement recorded in the hydrometer, we will determine the real value of alcohol.