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Simple Calibration

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Professional and simple monitor calibration

X-Rite’s ColorMunki Display offers everything you could need for a perfectly calibrated display or projector, and you can even calibrate mobile devices with X-Rite’s free ColorTRUE mobile app.

Advanced screen calibration made easy

Color perfectionists know that a calibrated and profiled display is a critical element in an efficient digital workflow. No one wants to spend hours in front of the screen perfecting images only to discover that their screen wasn’t accurately rendering the digital files. What you see on the monitor (or projector) needs to be the same as your digital file, otherwise you’ll never be satisfied with the result, no matter how much time you spend perfecting it.

With its easy-to-use wizard software, X-Rite’s ColorMunki Display offers everything you could need for a perfectly calibrated display or projector, while helping you stay focused on what you love to do. Plus, with X-Rite’s free ColorTRUE mobile app, you can even calibrate your iOS or Android mobile devices. For color perfectionists looking for simplicity, ColorMunki Display will dazzle you. And you don’t need to be a color expert to take advantage of ColorMunki Display.

Use ColorMunki Display and its integrated software to get a perfect match between your screen and printer, taking the guesswork and frustration out of making sure the color you see on your monitor or projector is the color you expect from your printer. Take advantage of this collection of capabilities not found in any other monitor calibration device in its class:

X-Rite Ambient Light Measurement: Automatically determine the optimal display luminance for comparing prints based on the measurement of the lighting conditions in which the prints will be viewed.

X-Rite Smart Ambient Light Control: The intensity or amount of ambient light in your workspace affects how you perceive colors on your screen. ColorMunki Display can compensate for this effect and offer the option to automatically adjust your profile or simply notify you when lighting conditions change.

Flare© Correct measures and adjusts the profile of your display for reduced contrast ratios caused by reflective (or glare) light on a display surface. Precise measurement of the screen’s effective contrast ratio allows you to get an even more accurate screen profile.

Intelligent Interactive Profiling, an adaptive technology, produces results optimized for maximum color accuracy on every single screen each time a profile is created.


  • ColorMunki Display lets you quickly enjoy color-accurate displays, ensuring that what you see on your screen is what you see in the final product.
  • The intuitive all-in-one design is a snap to use and has a fast measurement speed so you can quickly get back to work.
  • Advanced-capable software with its easy-to-use interface offers professional-grade monitor control within the reach of hobbyists and professionals alike.
  • This compact, self-contained instrument is designed for maximum portability; includes a convenient built-in tripod for creating profiles for projectors in larger spaces.
  • Its refined optical design ensures high repeatability on the same screen and between different types of screens for more consistent color matching in a color perfectionist workflow.

X-Rite’s ColorMunki Display incorporates technologically advanced optical systems and filters, fast measurement speed, and unmatched color accuracy across all modern display technologies, including LED and Wide Gamut LCD displays and mobile devices. It’s also spectrally calibrated, so it can be upgraded to support future display technologies and extends the life of your investment.