Pantone Lighting Indicator Stickers

Printers, designers, production technicians, etc. they will be able to find out if the color display is adequate in the lighting conditions in which they are

Pantone Lighting Indicator stickers allow you to assess whether the ambient light conditions are adequate for correct and accurate color display.

The quality of light has a decisive impact on perceived color. Choosing a color for a design under inappropriate lighting conditions can lead to errors that make the project more expensive and/or delay.

The two light-sensitive patches react to viewing lighting and change color at different lighting temperatures. With proper lighting in the range of D65 -6500k-, both patches will appear the same. In light outside of the D65 range, the patches will appear different. The further your light source is from D65, the greater the contrast between the two colors displayed by the indicator.

Poor lighting. Lighting conditions NOT suitable

Adequate lighting conditions

D50: for the assessment of print design work and photography

D65: more suitable for textile, paint, plastic and other industries.

The advantage of being adhesive is that they can be attached to color proofs when you are on the go with the confidence that everyone in the production chain will make the right color decisions.