Pantone SkinTone Guide

€90 + VAT


A new collection of 110 skin tones for creatives and applications in which the color and undertone of the skin is the protagonist of the project.

The PANTONE Skintone Guide is the result of measuring thousands of actual skin tones, covering the full range of human skin types.

This library is the only international color standard in its field, accurately matching skin tones.

PANTONE Skintone Guide Numbering System

Each Skintone PANTONE number is made up of a four-digit alphanumeric number . The first two positions reflect the undertone or tone of the skin . The remaining two positions represent the lightness and darkness of the skin .


110 colors numbered from 1Y01 SP to 4R15 SP.
Each color has a unique PANTONE number that identifies the tone and lightness/darkness of the color.

Large sample size with a central opening for easy and accurate color evaluation.

Reverse of sample has a perforated portion so color can be shared.

Includes free download of PANTONE COLOR MANAGER software valued at €49

Colors have been designed to provide the most accurate color match under D65 (Daylight 6,500K) lighting conditions.

The hole allows a comparison
more comfortable skin tone.
Numbering on the back.


BEAUTY: Match and coordinate colors in cosmetics for different skin tones.

FASHION: To comfortably take into account the color of different skins in the design and manufacture of accessories,
Bring skin color into the mix in developing colors and palettes for the design and production of accessories, corsetry and intimate apparel.

PRODUCT DESIGN: For design and quality control of natural skin tones, accessories and a wide variety of products -eg. toys-.

PHOTOGRAPHY For correct matching of skin tones in editing and retouching.

PRINT | PACKAGING | GRAPHIC DESIGN Provides quality control standards and norms for consistent and attractive reproduction of skin tones.

MEDICINE Useful for the creation of reference color standards for reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and for the manufacture of prostheses.