Vacuum packaging machine for ink canisters

Vacuum packaging machines for a fast, simple and safe sealing of your ink cans. Achieve an airtight closure to keep the ink fresh without skin formation. Avoid loss of ink residue and save time in ink mixing in repetitive printing.

Front opening vacuum ink packer Ideal for Graphic Arts!

Electric vacuum device for sealing ink cans. Easy to use, you just have to press “start” and, once the process is finished, the device turns off automatically.

Supported sizesCans of 0.5, 1 and 2.5 Kg.
Interior camera dimensions (LxWxH)385mm x 340 mm x 260 mm

Vacuum packer hood

– For paints and inks.

– Special filter liquid densities

– Progressive absorption regulator sensor

– Set weights fastening lids

– Inner chamber with round edges (facilitates cleaning in cases of spills)

Interior camera dimensions (LxWxH)350mm x 370mm x 150mm
Exterior dimensions450mm x 525 mm x 370 mm