Cardboard crushing filling machines

Give your packaging material a second life with a cardboard shredder. Turn used boxes into practical packaging material without wasting time or money. Make your company greener by following the circular economy.

Cushion Pack Cardboard Crushing Filling Machine

German technology machine, for the manufacture of filling material and packaging protection from disposable cardboard boxes.

– Transform your used cartons into a tight, fluffy and elastic mesh for filling and protection material.
– All the cardboard introduced into the machine is crushed in its entirety, without waste.
– Equipment that is easy to use and easy to maintain.
– Manufactured according to EC safety standards.
– Cut and transform the cardboard in a single operation.

Ref.PowerMax thickness.ProductionMaterial Width
Energy efficiency316 S2i1.0 kW(single-phase)12 mm.1-2 m3/h.320 mm
Energy efficiency320 S2i1.1 kW(single-phase)15 mm2-3 m3/h320 mm
323 S21.5 kW(three-phase)15 mm3-4 m3/h320 mm
Energy efficiency422 S2i1.5 kW(single-phase)18 mm4-6 m3/h420mm
422 S21.5 kW(three-phase)18 mm4-6 m3/h420 mm
428 S23.0 kW(three-phase)20 mm6-9 m3/h420 mm
430 S24.0 kW(three-phase)20 mm7-10 m3/h420 mm
Inverter System: -IE3 energy efficiency system -Energy savings of up to 30% -Low maintenance and high efficiency motor
Optional dust vacuum cleaner

Cushion Pack Cardboard Crushing Filling Machine

– Robust motor, gears and bearings, of excellent reliability and resistance to prolonged crushing cycles. Reinforced drive shaft and belt.

– High production speed.

– Durable steel blades resistant to small metal parts. Easy to clean.

– Connection for dust vacuum. Hepa vacuum cleaner (optional).

– Supports transport on wheels (optional).

– Simple control panel, easy handling. Two-position switch: on/off.

– Resistant monobloc load-bearing structure; of steel and sheet metal. Industrial anti-scratch powder paint.

– In accordance with current safety regulations.

Crushing modalities

You can choose from three types of cutting; choose the finish that suits you best in each package